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Devsthali Vidyapeeth has a competent team of qualified and experienced coordinators, a well governed and disciplined academic system, a strong Corporate Resource Centre and state-of-the-art infrastructure to excel in these areas . Devsthali Vidyapeeth offers an academic curriculum which is designed and thoroughly reviewed by the experts from industry and academia to meet current and future job requirements . At Devsthali Vidyapeeth, we motivate the students not only to acquire managerial leadership and interpersonal skills to succeed in their careers but also to recognize and develop their hidden talents to build them as a good and happy human beings.

The recruitment season at Devsthali, Rudrapur consists of the following phases:

Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs) conducted by corporate are an excellent opportunity for students and recruiters. It gives students an opportunity to know about prospective employers in detail and gives the corporate a chance to attract talent as well as to have a first-hand look at the institute and prospective hires. It also gives the company representatives to spend some quality time with students and faculty.

Schedule for Pre-placement talks:
The Pre-placement talks commence from June every year and continue till first week of August .Please fill in one of the Participation Forms for scheduling a PPT at Devsthali, Rudrapur. PPTs are scheduled, based on mutual convenience of company representatives and Post-Graduate Programme schedule.

Schedule Pre-placement offer (PPO)
A PPO is given by a company to students who had done Summer Internships in their organizations. It has to be made on or before mid February of the current year. The student who has been offered a PPO is allowed to participate in the placement till the times he/she gets an offer. At this point, he/she is required to choose either the PPO or the new offer, keeping in tune with the rule of holding one job offer only at any given point of time and can place dreams or sign out of the process.

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